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This is an archive page for older versions of our software. Please note that we no longer provide regular bug fixes, service pack updates and hotfixes to these versions.

Download eXe for free. ELearning XHTML editor. EXe, the eLearning XHTML editor, is a freely available authoring application that assists teachers in the publishing of web content without the need to become proficient in HTML or XML markup. Resources authored in eXe can be exported to the web or LMS. For Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows Server starting with 2008 R2. Compatible with Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Terminal Server.

If you’re looking for the most recent versions, please visit the Download Center.


Please confirm that Revu is compatible with your computer before downloading. Revu uses a single installer for Standard, CAD and eXtreme. For Revu 2019 and Revu 20, your serial number and product key will automatically assign the correct edition for installation. For Revu 2018 and below, you’ll be prompted to choose your preferred edition once you begin installation.

Revu 2019 (2019.1.20)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bitUpdate from 2019.xRelease notes
Revu 2018 (2018.6)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bitUpdate from 2018.xRelease notes
Revu 2017 (2017.0.40)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bitUpdate from 2017.xRelease notes
Revu 2016 (2016.5.2)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bitRelease notes
Revu 2015 (2015.6)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Revu 12 (12.6)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Revu 11 (11.7)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Revu 10 (10.23)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Revu 9 (9.51)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Bluebeam Revu 8 Standard (8.5.1)Download 64-bitDownload 32-Bit
Bluebeam Revu 8 CAD (8.5.1)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Bluebeam Revu 7 Standard (7.2.1)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Bluebeam Revu 7 CAD (7.2.1)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Bluebeam Revu 6 Standard (6.54)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Bluebeam Revu 6 CAD (6.54)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Bluebeam Revu 5 Standard (5.5.3)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Bluebeam Revu 5 CAD (5.5.3)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bit
Bluebeam PDF Revu (4.7.1)Download 32-bit
Bluebeam PDF Revu AutoCAD Edition (4.7.1)Download 32-bit
Bluebeam PDF Revu SolidWorks Edition (4.7.1)Download 32-bit
Bluebeam Lite (2.5.2)Download 32-bit
Bluebeam Conversion Server (3.5.1)Download 32-bit
Pushbutton Plus for AutoCAD (3.5.2)Download 32-bit
Pushbutton Plus for SolidWorks (3.5.2)Download 32-bit
Pushbutton PDF for SolidWorks (2.4.1)Download 32-bit
Pushbutton PDF (2.2.8)Download 32-bit

Revu for Mac (End of Life)

2018 Exe software download, free

Bluebeam has discontinued development of Revu for Mac and is no longer selling it as a product.

Please check the Revu for Mac 2 compatibility or the Revu for Mac 1 compatibility before downloading.

2018.exe Software Download For Mac

2018 Exe Software Download For Mac
Revu for Mac 2 (2.1)DownloadRelease notes
Revu for Mac 1 (1.9.3)DownloadRelease notes

Studio Enterprise (End of Life)

2018.exe icloud unlock software download for mac

Bluebeam has discontinued development of Studio Enterprise and is no longer selling it as a product.

Bluebeam Vu

Vu as a standalone product has been deprecated. Its functionality is now available using View Mode.

Vu 2017 (2017.0.40)Download
Vu 2016 (2016.5.2)Download
Vu 2015 (2015.6)Download
Vu 12(12.6)Download
Vu 11 (11.7)Download
Vu 10 (10.2.3)Download

Bluebeam Q (End of Life)

Bluebeam has discontinued development of Q and is no longer selling it as a product. Click here for more information about the End of Life plan.

Bluebeam Q (4.5.3)Download 64-bitDownload 32-bitRelease notes


Revu 2017 & Below

2018 Exe Software Download For Icloud Unlock

Revu 2018



Adobe Premiere Pro CC 12.0 (2018) incl Crack Full Version

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 for windows : is just released & we “ThePirateCity.co” is here with a crack, The new Adobe Premiere Pro CC features a revolutionary new video editing system. Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud provides everything you need to make visually stunning videos from simple video effects to professional grade production tools, edit virtually any type of media, and create professional productions, adobe Premiere Pro CC 12.0 2018 has already plenty of features, yet can also be extended with third-party plugins.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a professional video and audio desktop tool with exciting new features for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Audition CC, Adobe After Effects CC, and Adobe Character Animator CC. All of these new releases will be available to Creative Cloud members now.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 12.0 (2018) :

  • Collaborate and share with Team Projects.
  • Support up-to 8K video in native format.
  • Auto detects (VR) virtual reality.
  • Captions and text manipulation features.
  • Easily make the switch from Final Cut or Avid.
  • Easily switch between low and high-res formats.
  • High-quality graphics, videos, 3D objects, etc.
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  • interface elements, FX mute, etc.
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  • Creative workflow and advanced integration.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is an advanced video processing software based NLEs (non-linear editing system) that offers various video editing features. Premiere Pro CC 2018 is a professional grade video editing software which offers a high performance timeline based editing program. It features a highly intuitive interface, with custom shortcuts, more control, and powerful trimming and editing tools. Premiere Pro supports a wide variety of file formats, ranging from little known file formats as well as most popular file formats.

Adobe Premiere lets you import and export projects to formats that are compatible with other video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Avid, and can also output to many different file formats as well.

How to Activate, Register Or Crack Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 ?

  • Remove any earlier installed build via iObit Uninstaller. “IMPORTANT”
  • Download & extract the archive from below, You may need (WinRAR Or IDM) in-case you haven’t installed them already.
  • Turn off the internet connection. (important)
  • install Adobe Premiere Pro CC v12.0 (2018) trial setup.exe (provided)
  • After installation Run Premiere Pro CC (Once) & Close / Exit “it afterwards”)
  • Run > adobe.snr.patch.v2.0-painter.exe (as administrator) and select Adobe Premiere Pro CC”
  • Click patch “button” patcher will ask you to locate “amtlib.dll” > go to installation directory & patch “amtlib.dll”

Download 2018 Exe File

Default installation directory : C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Premiere Pro CC

Do not update Adobe Premiere CC after patching (Block all .exe’s) via firewall) > [Recommended]

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