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  1. Bookworm Deluxe Game at Ozzoom Games Planet Ozkids. Anyone have a suggestion about what to do. Hey i can launch the game fine but when the game starts i get a black screen with hp bar, and hud showing, does anyone know a fix. Expensive licenses for individual components of the bookworm game free download for mac suite.
  2. Offers two modes: Action mode with fast-paced spelling sprints and an Untimed mode where you have no limitations to create words. Bookworm Deluxe 1.0 for Mac is available as a free download on our application library. Bookworm Deluxe for Mac lies within Games, more precisely Puzzle. The latest installation package takes up 284 KB on disk.

Download the full, ad free, version for.MAC Bookworm Deluxe Game Download for. One hour or 60 minutes free trial demo version of the. Bookworm Adventures Volume 2: Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 Puzzle - Braintraining Description Play the incredible sci-fi finale to the adventurous and fun word trilogy in Bookworm Adventures - Astounding Planet. Bookworm deluxe free download - Bookworm Deluxe, Macgamestore Bookworm Deluxe, MacPAR deLuxe, and many more programs. Bookworm, free and safe download. Bookworm latest version: Match letters and show off your vocabulary in Bookworm. Bookworm is a word puzzle game in which you form chains of letter tiles to create words.

Full version. A keygen is made available through crack groups free to download. Zepheer 2 V2.3.2 Mac Osx.Free Mobile Download Bookworm Full Game Shareware. Video Converter is a one-stop Mac free mobile phone. Download the full, ad free, version for.MAC Bookworm Deluxe Game Download for. One hour or 60 minutes free trial demo version of the. Bookworm Adventures Volume 2: Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 Puzzle - Braintraining Description Play the incredible sci-fi finale to the adventurous and fun word trilogy in Bookworm Adventures - Astounding Planet Deluxe! Battle new alien foes in the final.

Bookworm adventures free. download full version for mac
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Bookworm Adventures

Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in US: November 5, 2004

This game has hidden development-related text.
This game has debugging material.
This game has anti-piracy features.

To do:
Decompile the LUC files, there's more in them, they are compiled with LUA 5.0.2 but stupidly headered. Document on how the game can compile them from scripts/common.
To do:
Add content from: https://bookwormadvs.fandom.com/wiki/Beta_contents

Bookworm Adventures is a word-based fairytale RPG of the classic Bookworm.

  • 2Debugging material
  • 6Developer notes

Unplayable words

The following words are contained in the game's dictionary, but cannot be played in the actual game due to the fact that they contain a Q not immediately followed by a U:


The word list also contains words with 5 or more instances of the same letter, which are also impossible to play since the game never lets more than 4 of the same letter tile onto the board.

Debugging material

To do:
Enable this if possible.

Developer cheats

scripts/cheat.luc appear to have developer cheats, functions are modify HP, level up, modify XP, instant kill, complete chapter, complete book, modify tile architectures, set particles, nuke profile, status testing, load debug profile, add items, beatdown multiplier modifiers, die, save, get selected chapter, modify treasure count, bypass/repeating tutorials, give player+enemy buffs/debuffs, enabling minigames, enabling bestiary, delete words, forcing an attack and hiding treasures, the game also looks for this file on bootup.

Beta support

Some files mention BETA_BUILD, this likely refers to builds distributed from PopCap's game beta testing page and is also a flag for what current build type is used when released to the public.

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Crash handler

If the game crashed, a popup saying Fatal Error will appear to report the crash and see a log. A file called crash.txt will be created or replaced in the game's root install directory, being the exact same said in the error message box.

LUA error handler

If an LUA has an error like file missing or damaged, the game will say: Oops! A lua error occurred and the game needs to shut down. Please contact customer support and provide them with your lua.log file. It will be created or replaced in the game's root install directory.

Bad string handler

Bookworm Adventures free. download full Version For Mac

To do:
Where is this detected? The LUC/LUAs and/or plaintext data?

If the game detects a bad string, this text from scripts/common.luc will show in red: Someone passed in a string with invalid characters. Probably because they forgot to save the file as plain text and it contains some specially formatted Word characters. This is bad. We can't render those. I'll let the program continue, but it may result in messed up text. This would probably be a bug for Steve if you get this. I'll let the program keep running though, as this is just cosmetic.

Debug commands

To do:
There may be more.

Pressing CTRL-ALT-D will play a sound (c:windowsmediaWindows XP Menu Command.wav) to indicate debug key input is enabled, allowing options of typing unique keys for debugging displays or mechanisms, another use will disable it.

  • F2 - Start/Stop perf timing
  • F3 - Toggle FPS display
  • Shift F3 - Toggle FPS/mouse coordinate display
  • F8 - Show current Video Stats (mostly used to see if 3D acceleration is currently on)
  • Shift F8 - Toggle 3D acceleration
  • F11 - Take screenshot (goes into the ProgramData/OEM/ZumasRevenge/_screenshots) directory.
  • Shift F11 - Dump all program images in memory to the ProgramData/OEM/ZumasRevenge/_dump directory.

Revision list

  • = Bug fixes.
  • 1.0 = Initial release!

Two revisions were pushed, PopCap.com's CDN, CD-ROM and Steam/GameHouse/Zylom got the latest.

Cheat detection

To do:
What triggers this? Memory edits, developer cheats or both? Test.

scripts/BattleEngine.luc mentions CHEAT and YOUCHEATED in flagging terms, the game would most likely detect the use of memory editing or some sort of cheat format and force your best and longest word to be CHEAT and YOUCHEATED, it would be impossible to get YOUCHEATED as your longest word during legal play since that word is not in the in-game dictionary.

Developer notes

Some Luc files and XMLs mention developer notes.

Bookworm Adventures 2 free. download full Version For Mac


A documentation on Settings nodes.

A documentation on Entry nodes.

A note saying no codex entry is present and one will be used when possible, unfortunately, none was added at anytime..

Marketing modes

Bookworm Free Download For Mac

On builds of the game, partner.xml is present in properties, stating the marketing type, preferably for trials. These are multiple types of them, a .sig and .sig2 (for DRM) file also exist, to verify integrity of the file.

  • None: Nothing, PopCap's 60 min trial, custom OEM DRM or no DRM may be used.
  • 60Normal: 60 min trial (In-game DRM).
  • 60Trailer: 60 min trial (In-game DRM), restricting up to Chapter 8.
  • HydraTrailer: Infinite time (In-game DRM), restricting up to Chapter 8.
  • Hydra: ???

Copy Protection

If you remove or rename properties/partner.xml from your installation of the game and use the extracted game executable from the wrapper to play, the keyboard and main in-game GUI other than the pause button can no longer be interacted with after about 2 seconds during gameplay, in the first part of the tutorial of chapter 1, this affects the entirety of the in-game GUI, and even the keyboard too, the pause menu also doesn't have the black background fade.

The Bookworm series
Windows/Mac OS XBookworm • Bookworm Adventures • Bookworm Adventures Volume 2
Game Boy AdvanceBookworm
Nintendo DSBookworm
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Bookworm Free Download For Pc

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Free Bookworm Deluxe Full Version Download for Mac and PC

The BookWorm Deluxe is a free word search game with a fun vocabulary building element. Where you must link letters to form words to feed Lex the hungry bookworm!
The longer the words you can make out of the letters the better.
Watch out that you don’t feed Lex too many short words otherwise you’ll set the letter tiles on fire that could end up burning entire library down!

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This article details how to get a free bookworm deluxe full version download – available for Mac and PC

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