Download Air Display For Mac Free

  • Air Display Client is the client component which lets you use a spare Mac’s screen as an extra display for your main computer. Launch this app on your spare Mac, then wirelessly connect to it from the free host app you’ll install on your main Mac to instantly expand its screen real estate.
  • Download AirPlayer for Mac to transform your Mac into an AirPlay-compatible display. Free Mac Bluray Player.

Free download Air Display Air Display for Mac OS X. Air Display Client is the client component which lets you use a spare Mac.

– Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker

Air Display is the easiest way to turn almost any spare screen into an extra display for your computer.

Wirelessly connect to an iPad or Android device from your laptop to create the ultimate road-warrior workstation.
Or repurpose any nearby Mac or Windows PC to give yourself more screen real estate for your main Mac.
Air Display connects easily, allowing you to extend or mirror up to four screens at once to create unique and powerful presentations or to improve your creative workflow in whatever way you choose.

NOTE: Air Display 2, the latest version that was compatible with Windows, is no longer available in the App Store.

An extra screen in 5 minutes

Buy the Air Display app from the App Store, download the free drivers from here to your computer, and GO.

More screens, more options

Use your iPad, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC as a second display. Extend or mirror your screen.

No wires needed

With Air Display’s advanced Wi-Fi, you never need to worry about having the right cable or even staying close to your computer.

Touch your desktop

Use your finger to draw directly on the screen. Try it with a calculator app, painting tool, or music control surface.

Buy the Air Display app

Do this from the device that will be your extra screen.

Get the free driver

Download to the computer that will be your main screen.

Click to connect

Air display app free

Download Zoom For Mac Free

Launch Air Display on your extra screen device, then Connect in the Air Display menu on your computer.

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