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Unfortunately, there is no direct download for the Mac version of Aperture. To download the product, proceed to the App Store via the link below. Download Apple Aperture v3.6 for Mac free latest version offline setup for Mac OS X. Apple Aperture v3.6 for Mac is a powerful photo management application with a variety of powerful tools and options that can organize the photos as well as supports all the popular image formats. Hi all, I've finally got a MacBook Pro and want to download Aperture because I have a few libraries from when I was on my Mac Pro over 10 years ago. It's the only place where I had saved them and want to migrate but would like to see what I got. I'd like to find a safe place to download the program and run it on my MacBook Pro.

Aperture is no longer sold from the App Store, because Apple stopped the development. Aperture 3.6 is required for MacOS 10.10.3 or newer versions of macOS X. It is not possible to upgrade to this version on an older system.


You can try to upgrade to Aperture 3.6, if you are running MacOS 10.10.3 or newer by reinstalling Aperture. This will work, if Aperture is showing in your purchase history at the AppStore, see: https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-8402


Which system are you running? Even Aperture 3.6 does not support the new RAW Support that has been released after the Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 6.17, that came out on El Capitan. But your Camera is already supported by Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 6.01, that has been released with Yosemite, Digital camera RAW formats supported by OS X Yosemite - Apple Support

How To Get Aperture 3.6

So upgrading to El Capitan or Yosemite should give you the RAW support you need. But you can only update Aperture to 3.6, if you are running a system that is compatible with Aperture 3,6.

Download Aperture 3.6 For Mac

Apple Aperture 3.6 Download

Jun 30, 2018 2:01 AM

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