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was released on October 17, 2019. The main downloads of Ren'Py 7.3.5 are:

  1. Atom Editor Mac
  2. Atoms Text Editor Download
  3. Atom Editor Free Download
  4. Brackets Editor

Atom is a free and open-source source text editor made specifically to cater to the needs of developers. It has many tools that make writing and editing code easier for developers. As an open-source editor, everyone has access to the source code and can contribute to Atom's development. Free download Atom Atom for Mac OS X. Atom is a desktop text editor application based on web technologies. Atom is a free and open-source source text editor made specifically to cater to the needs of developers. It has many tools that make writing and editing code easier for developers. As an open-source editor, everyone has access to the source code and can contribute to Atom's development. Jul 17, 2020 Download Atom for Mac to edit plain text and code. Atom has had 5 updates within the past 6 months.

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You only need to download one of these three files. Each contains the full Ren'Py software development kit, with everything needed to develop Ren'Py games for Windows XP and up, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, and Linux x86/x86_64. The development environment contains the files needed to produce games for all three platforms, the Ren'Py tutorial, and 'The Question', an example game.

Ren'Py is free to download and use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It may be modified and distributed under the terms of its license.

Additional Downloads. When necessary, the Ren'Py SDK will automatically download additional packages, such as text editors and Android/iOS support. These packages are available for direct download at the bottom of this page.

Release History and Updates

There has been an update to Ren'Py 7.3.5 to address the requirementthat Android applications target Android 10 (android-29). For alink and instructions on how to install this update, please seethe thread on the Lemma Soft Forums.


I'm happy to announce Ren'Py 7.3.5, the latest in a series ofreleases that continue to maintain Ren'Py 7.3. This release fixes thecompilation of iOS projects, and adds a button that accesses the audiodirectory to the launcher.

As there have been quite a few changes since Ren'Py 7.3 was originallyreleased, please check out the changelog for new features that will helpyou create your visual novels and games.

Ren'Py 7.3 is brought to you by:

  • Alisha Taylor
  • Andy_kl
  • Arda Güler
  • Ben Wright
  • DragoonHP
  • Donghyeok Tak
  • Herpior
  • Jan Beich
  • Joshua Fehler
  • Julian Uy
  • Kobaltcore
  • Lee Yunseok
  • Mal Graty
  • Moshibit
  • Nyaatrap
  • Pionere
  • Psunbury
  • Remix
  • Roope Herpiö
  • Sylvain Beucler

and myself, Tom 'PyTom' Rothamel.

Downloads of Ren'Py 7.3.5 can be found at:

A full list of changes to Ren'Py can be found at:

A list of changes that may require you to update your game can be found at:

Please also check out the credits and list of sponsors.

Editor Downloads

When first asked to edit a file, the Ren'Py launcher will prompt you to download and install an editor. As this may fail if your Internet connection is unreliable, the editors can be downloaded separately. To install, extract the contents of the editor archive to the Ren'Py directory.

Atom (Windows):renpy-7.3.5-atom-windows.zip
Atom (Mac):renpy-7.3.5-atom-mac.zip
Atom (Linux):renpy-7.3.5-atom-linux.tar.bz2
Editra (Windows):renpy-7.3.5-editra-windows.zip
Editra (Mac):renpy-7.3.5-editra-mac.zip
Editra (Linux):renpy-7.3.5-editra-linux.tar.bz2

Android and iOS Support

When building Android packages, iOS packages, or web distributions, Ren'Py will prompt you to download RAPT (Ren'Py Android Packaging Tool), Renios (Ren'Py iOS Support), or Renpyweb (Web Platform Support). As these downloads may fail if your Internet connection is unreliable, these packages can be downloaded separately. To install, extract the contents of the archive to the Ren'Py directory. (Place the 'rapt', 'renios', or 'web' directory into the 'renpy-7.3.5' directory.)

Android Support (RAPT):renpy-7.3.5-rapt.zip
iOS Support (Renios):renpy-7.3.5-renios.zip
Web Platform Support (Renpyweb):renpy-7.3.5-web.zip

Additional Downloads

Raspberry Pi Support:renpy-7.3.5-raspi.tar.bz2
Contains files required to allow Ren'Py to run on the Raspberry Pi. This should be untarred in the Ren'Py sdk directory.
Ren'Py Source Code:renpy-7.3.5-source.tar.bz2
Contains the source code of the Ren'Py distribution without any binary components.
Pygame_SDL2 Source Code:pygame_sdl2-2.1.0-for-renpy-7.3.5.tar.gz
Contains the source code for the version of pygame_sdl2 required to run this version of Ren'Py. This may be newer than any released version of pygame_sdl2.
Other Dependencies:https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/license.html
Ren'Py contains free software licensed under a number of licenses, including the GNU Lesser General Public License. A full list of software and links to git repositories from which the software can be downloaded is linked above.
Checksums for the various files making up the Ren'Py distribution.

We also maintain a complete list of releases.

Atom Editor Mac

In this post we’ll talk about the Atom editor which is, as they say, A hackable text editor for the 21st Century.

It’s a really nice, open source and modern editor, with a broad community that provides different and new packages and functionalities. Have you tried it yet?

Here, you’ll learn how to install it and how to configure it to write Python code. Let’s start! 🙂

First, download Atom from the official webpage.

Once installed, if you have a Mac or Windows, you’ll have two commands available: atom and apm. The first one is for opening the Atom editor, and the second one for installing Atom packages. We’ll see an example of both in the following.

Edit a Python file and use Atom’s Autocomplete

Let’s start by creating a Python file with:

Atoms Text Editor Download

This will open the file in Atom, and you’ll see the containing folder with all its contents on the left sidebar.

In the new file, if you type de, you’ll see that it suggests if you want to create a new function. This is because Atom has detected that the file extension is a Python extension.

If you type the Tab key, you’ll see a template for a new function:

Note that you have the fname highlighted. This is because you can now type the name of your function and it will replace fname. Let’s name our function product.

Next, if you hit the Tab key again, the arguments of the function, arg, will be now selected. Just write x,y, as we need two different arguments for our function.

Finally, hit the Tab key again to select the body of our function, pass, and replace it for our code. The end function should be something like:

returnx *y

Also notice the blue circle next to the file name. This means that there are unsaved changes in your current file. You can save it just typing the usual cmd+c (or ctrl+c in windows).

Linter for Atom

Linter is an Atom package that provides a top level API so that there is a unification among all the linter atom plugins. This means that all the extra packages that you install, that highlight your code (for example to detect errors) will use a unified method.

To install it, just type:

Next, we’re going to install a Python Linter package, to help us detect errors in our Python code.

This package is called linter-flake8 and it’s an interface to flake8. To install it, you need to run:


Restart Atom the apply these changes. It should work now 😉

Moreover, there are Linters for other languages like HTML, CSS or Javascript. You can find a list here.

Further customisation for Python to follow PEP8

Here I’ll show you how you can configure Atom to follow PEP8, the official Python styling guide.

First, open the Atom –> Preferences window.

1. Use spaces instead of tabs.

Scroll down the Settings panel until you see the Soft Tabs option. Make sure it’s checked. This setting will convert tabs into spaces automatically.

2. Set the tab length to 4 spaces

A little below the Soft Tab setting, you”ll see the Tab Length. Set it to 4 spaces.

3. Automatic PEP8 validation.

Brackets Editor

If you installed the linter-flake8 package discussed in the previous section, you already have automatic PEP8 validation 🙂

Keybindings customisation

In the same Preferences panel, you can see the Keybindings menu on the left. There, you’ll find a list of all the default keybindings active in your Atom editor.

However, by default, Atom confirms an autocomplete suggestion with both the Tab and Enter keys. But I only want to use the Tab key.

In order to disable Enter as an autocomplete confirm key, we need to go to the Keybindings menu where you’ll see a link that says your keymap file. Click on that link to open the keymap.cson file.

There, you need to write: