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Download the latest version of Google Chrome for Mac. Google's new browser is now available for Mac. Everybody was surprised when Google decided to release. Download Google Chrome 86.0.4240.111 for Windows. Google Chrome for Windows and Mac is a free web browser developed by internet giant. Google Chrome 80.0.3987.87. Google Chrome v80.0.3987.0 Offline setup installer Free Download Latest Version 100% Working. Hy friends today am going to share with you another Best Web Browser For mac. So, today you can easily download Google Chrome is for macOS, Android and Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and also for Windows 10 with the latest version. Try new features with Chrome Beta. Feeling adventurous? Preview upcoming features before they’re released. Download Chrome Beta.

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Download Chrome 80 For Mac

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Android Debugging Bridge, ADB is a command-line utility tool that lets developers debug or access major parts of their applications. In short, If you want to modify something in your device, Android utility tools(required) should be installed in your device. Some features in the Android device aren’t accessible but, you can use ADB commands by installing ADB tools or service on your laptop/PC to use it.

Now, how to install ADB in Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems, we have below mentioned some steps that will help you to install ADB on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems. Once the ADB is installed in these operating systems, you can perform more things like rooting, installing custom ROM, recover old files etc. on your Android devices.

There are many things that require ADB permissions to work and you can also perform various things on your Android devices after installing ADB. If you want to explore more things in your Android device by installing ADB on your Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, have a look on the below points.

Setting Up ADB In Android Device

To use ADB services on your computer, First, you should enable USB debugging in your Android device. To enable developer options in Android devices, follow the below steps.

  • Open Settings of your Android device and tap on About Phone.
  • Tap on Build Number for seven times consecutively until you get a message “You are now a developer”.
    (Note- Build number page might be kept under some other page in settings or About phone option).
  • After clicking seven times on Build number, you will see Developer options under System, tap on it, enable USB debugging.
  • Now, whenever you connect your device with your computer, you have to select File transfer (MTP) mode and you are done with ADB option in your Android device.

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Download chrome 80 beta

Setting Up ADB In Windows

To setup ADB in the Windows system, you have to download and install the ADB platform tool for Windows. Once the .zip file is downloaded, extract all files in your Windows computer using WinRAR software.

  • Open the download file and click on the address bar and type cmd and hit enter and command prompt windows will open in the ADB directory.
  • Now, connect your Android device with your Windows PC and execute adb devices
  • After connecting your device, a pop-up message “USB debugging” will appear on your device. Enable “Always allow” option, checkmark the box and tap on “Allow”.
  • In the next step, you’ll see your device serial number in the command prompt window. If you are unable to see your device or if your device is not detected with your computer, run adb services again and you’ll be able to see your device information on your computer.

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Setting Up ADB In Mac

Now, there is a completely different path to install ADB in Mac. Download the ADB file for Mac and extract it in your Mac.

  • Open Terminal on your Mac and type the following command: cd /path/to/extracted/folder/
  • For example, cd /Users/Pranay/Desktop/platform-tools/
  • Connect your Android with your Mac with a USB cable and change the USB connection mode to “File Transfer(MTP) mode”.
  • Once the terminal is in the same folder, you can execute the following command to launch ADB daemon: adb devices.
  • Now, on your device, “Allow USB debugging: prompt and allow the connection.

Setting Up ADB In Linux

Download the ADB file for Linux and perform the below steps.

  • Simply extract the files and open the Linux terminal window and move to the extracted folder location.
    (Note- Change the username to your actual Linux username).
  • Enter the following command: cd /path/to/extracted/folder/.
  • The directory will be changed, where you extracted the ADB files.
  • Now, connect your Android device to the Linux system with a USB cable and again change the connection mode to “file transfer (MTP)” mode.
  • Once the terminal is in the same folder where the ADB tools are in, you can execute the following commands to launch ADB daemon: adb devices.
  • Back to your Android phone and it will ask you to allow USB debugging, go ahead and grant the permissions.

Setting Up ADB In Chrome

Before going further, we want to clarify that Chromebook always has Play Store support and it should be on the developer channel and have Linux enabled on your machine. To proceed further, open settings in Chromebook > About Chrome OS > Additional Details > Change Channel to your name.

Download Chrome Version 80 For Mac

  • Open settings > Linux > Develop Android Apps > Enable the toggle for ADB Debugging.
  • Restart your Chromebook and ADB will prompt on your screen. Click “Allow” and proceed further.
  • Open Linux terminal and execute the below command to install ADB platform tools and press “Y” to allow installation.

Google Chrome Download For Mac

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

  • After the installation, connect your Android phone with a USB cable and allow USB debugging and proceed further.

Chrome 80 Download

How To Use ADB Service

Once you have installed ADB service in Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems, you can use the below commands. Make sure you have connected your Android phone while performing the below commands.

adb devicesList of Android devices communicating with your computer
adb pushMove a file onto your Android device programmatically
adb pullMove a file from your Android device programmatically
adb installInstall apps programmatically using APK files
adb rebootReboot your Android device
adb reboot recoveryReboot your Android device in recovery mode
adb reboot bootloaderReboot your Android device to bootloader
adb shellStart a remote shell with your Android device

ADB service is a very useful and effective tool for Android programmers. Since we have covered all the points to setting and installing ADB services in Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems. If you have any suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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