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Open-Source Eyedropper and ColorPicker to select color values from websites and desktop.

Coolorus v1.3 can be downloaded from HERE, and version for Apple Mac (native color picker app for apps like: Pixelmator, Sketch etc.) from HERE Report bugs or new features. If you do find a bug, annoying behavior or you simply have an idea on how to improve Coolorus, drop us e-mail. Desktop color picking application can be very useful in quickly grabbing colors whether online or offline. ColorSnapper is a cool color picker for Mac OS X; can be an effective answer to all your color picking requirements.

With ColorFish you can get a color reading from any point in your browser and from any point in your desktop. ColorFish is the only colorpicker browser extension with desktop color selection support. ColorFish is 100% free and Open-Source and available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge. We created it as side project of our Enterprise RPA software.

Download the Free and Open-Source ColorFish Color Picker:

Color Picker for Chrome
Color Picker for Firefox
Color Picker for Edge

Video: The free and Open-Source color picker explained in 60 seconds.

Color Picker Features

Download Color Picker For Mac
  • Website Eyedropper - get the color of any pixel on the page
  • Desktop Eyedropper - get the color of any app or image on your desktop*
  • Color History of recently picked colors
  • Auto copy picked colors to clipboard
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Get colors of dynamic hover elements
  • Single-click to start color picking
  • Pick colors from Flash objects
  • Pick colors at any zoom level
  • Open-Source (GPL license)
  • Available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Color Picker Screenshot

Add Desktop Color Picking support

To add the free desktop colorpicking support, install the UI.Vision XModule. The XModule is a small native app that helps Colorfish to take the screenshot. It is available for Windows, Mac and Windows. If you only want to pick colors inside the web browser, installing this app is not required. It is only needed for the desktop color picker feature.

How to select colors on the desktop?

Whenever no website is loaded, then the Colorfish eye dropper tool is automatically in desktop screenshot modus. So you can open a new tab, or go e. g. to chrome://extensions/ - then the Colorfish icon turns blueish. This is the sign that Colorfish will take a desktop screenshot.Then the screenshot displayed inside the browser, and now you can pick to color from within the desktop screenshot image.

Or select “Desktop Text Capture” from the Colorfish right-click menu.


Tech support

Colorfish has a Getting started page. If you have questions, please use the contact form. We love to hear from you. And even so this is a free Chrome extension, we read all emails and typically respond within 1-2 days.

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Download Color Picker For Mac

Free Color Picker

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Windows Color Picker Download

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