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Download Microsoft Edge For Mac Os X

On the troubleshooting page, it says Edge Insider builds are 'available on macOS 10.10 Yosemite or higher', but after I downloaded the Canary installer package, it says 'Microsoft Edge Canary Update can't be installed on this disk. OS X version 10.12 or later is required' (see attached screenshot). The legacy version of Microsoft Edge became unsuccessful, due to fewer features of the browser. I used Google Chrome as my default browser and I became to like it a lot. Since Microsoft Edge became Chromium-based, I became to like it. I do like browsers that became Chromium-based. Thank you, Microsoft! Microsoft Edge is so new, newer than ever!


Hello friends, Today I will share a method on how to install Microsoft Edge on MacOS. Users can download Internet Explorer on their MacBook air and pro. You can use it for developing or surfing work. I have shared a legal way to download and install it on your Mac.

If you are a developer and uses MacOS for developing software or website, then I have good news for you. Microsoft has announced Microsoft Edge preview for MacOS users. Yes, you heard, right. Users or developers can now download and install Microsoft Edge on MacOS for free. Microsft Edge browser was always available for the Windows operating system based laptops and PCs. But, Microsoft has decided to make their move with the MacOS users as well. I am going to show you about getting the Microsoft Edge web browser on MacOS. And also, how you have to install Microsoft Edge on MacOS.

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Microsoft Edge for Mac Download

In order to download and install Microsoft Edge on MacOS users don’t have to take any kind of worry. You can download Microsoft Edge from its official website without any problem. What you have to do is that just open the website LINK and click on the Download button. Also, before you start downloading the Microsoft Edge browser on your macOS, make sure you have updated your MacOS. Why? Because the Microsoft has said that the Microsoft Edge browser will not work in the MacOS version which is having less than version 10.12. I have also posted an article about how to add contacts to MacOS if you need to add new contacts then check it out.

Microsoft Edge


How to Install Microsoft Edge on MacOS


Once the user has downloaded it from the official website of MicrosoftEdgeInsider. Then the users can directly install it as the normal applications are installed. Microsoft has said that they will offer the same user interface, features, and the complete experience to the MacOS as same as Windows users. However, it might be possible that MacOS users will face some bugs because this is just a preview version of their first release of Microsoft Edge browser for MacOS users and developers. Microsoft very well knows that MacOS need to have the Microsoft Edge browser because most of the developers prefer and use it for development purpose. Though, they have decided to make it smooth and active in a proper way as soon as possible.

Download Microsoft Edge For Mac Os



This was all about to download and install Microsoft Edge on MacOS. We all know that Microsoft Internet Explorer is a popular web browser. But, besides it, there is one fact also that it doesn’t support the MacOS anytime. Because the Microsoft developers have understood the need of the developers, who use macOS, it is a positive thing for Microsoft. I hope using this article you have now got every knowledge regarding downloading and install Microsoft Edge on MacOS. As I said earlier if you are a developer then make sure you share this with your other developer friends as well. Do you know that you can use dark mode in MacOS Mojave if not then do read this article

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