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It changed to Outlook in Office 2011. The only way to get at the contents of an Entourage database is with Microsoft's email client. If you made a full backup before upgrading to Catalina, you can restore it to return to that point. Otherwise, you have to do two steps to move forward. You need Office 2011 to import the Entourage database. The latest version of Microsoft Entourage is 12.2 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Timekeeping in the Productivity category. The app is developed by Microsoft and its user rating is 3 out of 5. The latest version of Microsoft Entourage is 12.2 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Timekeeping in the Productivity category. The app is developed by Microsoft and its user rating is 3 out of 5.

There are numbers of email clients that provides an option to set up IMAP or POP3 accounts. By this, users can read their different email accounts messages on one email application. Similarly, with the help of Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition, users can configure the Exchange account and access the mailbox in Entourage client. Although many users have a query for Entourage 2008 Office 365 setup, they face different types of issues. One of the scenarios is also explained below:

“I am using Microsoft Entourage 2008 business as my default mail client on Mac OS X. Due to professional reasons, I upgrade to Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition. However, whenever I try to connect Entourage 2008 to Office 365 account, I had some problem and finally end up with an error. Maybe I was performing wrong steps while configuring the Exchange account with Entourage. So, If any of my technical friends know the correct steps to setup Office 365 on Entourage 2008 WSE, then please let me know. Any relevant help would be appreciated!”

How do I download winmail.dat from a microsoft entourage:mac version 10.1.6(040913) on a iBookG4 Mac OS X - Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist. Dec 21, 2017 Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac helps you change hectic days into well-managed schedules with the clean and intuitive Entourage 2008 calendar and the new convenient, standalone My Day interface. Color-coded categories, status indicators, and flexible To-Do list management features help you easily organize your time.

Just like this user query, many end-users face the same problem. This glitch can be easily resolved by executing the proper Entourage 2008 Office 365 setup instructions. Therefore, in the upcoming sections, users will know how to set up Exchange account in Microsoft Entourage 2008. Apart from this, a direct way will also describe converting Office 365 to Entourage MBOX supported file format. So, let’s start with Office 365 Entourage 2008 manual setup method.

Steps to Manually Setup Office 365 on Entourage 2008

Only Entourage 2008 program can be used to configure Office 365 Exchange Online account. The earlier versions such as Entourage 2004 will not be able to connect with Exchange profile. Also, users can connect Entourage 2008 to Office 365 for Mac using Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition. Before following these instructions, ensure that the user installs the Entourage 2008 WSE. It is available as a free update to MS Office 2008 for Mac. Once the users have Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition, one can go through the instructions:

  • Initially, open your Mac system and go to the Applications folder.
  • Launch Entourage 2008 and click on Tools tab.
  • After that, select Accounts option.
  • Now, you have to click on New and select Mail option.
  • Select Exchange under the Account type option and click on OK to continue the account configuration.
  • Exchange account setup dialog box displayed on the screen. Here, you need to click on Manual Setup button.
  • Click on Account settings tab and mention the following details:
  1. Account Name- Create a unique name
  2. User Name- Provide full name
  3. Email Address- Primary email ID for mailbox
  4. Account-ID- Mention username as per Office 365 account
  5. Domain- Optional
  6. Password- Confidential password associated with Exchange
  • Once the settings are confirmed by Entourage, click on Advanced Tab. After that, provide the Exchange Server ID and check the box corresponding to This server requires a secure connection (SSL). Click on OK to complete the setup.
  • Once the Office 365 configured correctly in Entourage 2008, mail will begin to download within 5 minutes.

Automatic Way for Entourage 2008 Office 365 Setup

Why a user configure office 365 to Entourage? The explanation is simple! To read and manage the Office 365 mailbox data in desktop-based Microsoft Entourage application. However, due to the technical glitch, users received sync errors while setting up the O365 account using Entourage 2008. Although, this issue frequently terminates the configuration process after the proper manual settings. Hence, it is beneficial to have a method that is error-free and import Office 365 in Entourage platform. For this, automated solution is the best choice.

With the help of Office 365 Backup for Mac software, users can convert O365 mailbox data in Entourage supported MBOX format. Apart from this, the tool downloads Office 365 mailbox in 3+ file formats, including Outlook PST on local hard-drive. Also, depending upon the file format compatibility, users can import the resultant backup file in various email platforms like Entourage, Thunderbird, Outlook and many more. Below, the steps are mentioned use to convert O365 mailbox data in Entourage-compatible file format:

Steps to Connect Entourage 2008 to Office 365

  1. Download the software and open on your Mac system.
  2. Once the tool opens completely, provide the authentic Office 365 account credential.
  3. On the next page, select the folders that you want to export and select the MBOX file format.
  4. Navigate to Browse and provide a suitable place for resultant MBOX file on Mac system.
  5. Finally, click on the Start Backup button to start the process.

Once the Office 365 data downloaded in MBOX format, then follow the below instructions in order to import the resultant file into Entourage application.


Simple Steps for Importing Resultant File to Entourage 2008

  • Open MicrosoftEntourage application.
  • Navigate to File and then click on Import.
  • Select the radio button corresponding to Contacts or messages from a text file.
  • Now, browse the location where you have stored the MBOX file.
  • Select the MBOX format and click on Open to start importing the data from .mbox file.
  • Once the process gets completed, click on Done.

In Summation

In this blog post, we discuss how to set up Office 365 on Entourage 2008 manually. Due to some problem in manual configuration, we have also explained an automatic way for Entourage 2008 Office 365 setup. According to requirements, users can choose any of the above-mentioned methods to migrate Office 365 to Entourage.

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Microsoft Entourage Download For Mac Os X

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