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Find a product key. In order to install Office 2010, you will need to enter a valid product key. Some downloads will come with a text file containing keys that you can use, while others will have a key generation program that will create a unique key for you to use. Tip: The 64-bit version is installed by default unless Office detects you already have a 32-bit version of Office (or a stand-alone Office app such as Project or Visio) installed.In this case, the 32-bit version of Office will be installed instead. To change from a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version or vice versa, you need to uninstall Office first (including any stand-alone Office apps you.

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Free

Microsoft Word Excel Free Download 2010

Download office 2010 free 60 day trial and experience the ultimate new Microsoft office applications! Office 2010 is available as a full version and it is not only a big improvement over office 2007 but is evolving into a more stable and mature office suite of applications. Microsoft is constantly working on improving the usability of its office applications and you can find it on your own by downloading this full version.

Buy office 2007 and get a free upgrade to Office 2010! Microsoft, as part of its technology guarantee program, makes available this free upgrade offer for buyers of office 2007 between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010. [The upgrade offer has now expired]

This is similar to the free windows 7 upgrade that microsoft had earlier made available for vista users.Though the free upgrade has expired already, you can explore the various options on how to get windows 7 free. These include the the windows 7 student discount offers and the free windows 7 for students through the MSDNAA program for educational institutions.

The free Office 2010 upgrade is available to all customers who purchase a qualifying Office 2007 product from Microsoft or any of its authorized resellers.The offer is valid only for those who buy the qualifying product between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010.The upgrade to the corresponding Office 2010 product will be available to buyers of Office 2007, only if the following conditions are met.

  • The offer is valid only for certain Office 2007 products and it should have been purchased from Microsoft or its authorized dealers. You may find below the details of the qualifying products and their corresponding Office 2010 editions.
  • The buyer must have installed and activated the qualifying office 2007 product on or before September 30, 2010.
  • The buyer must provide a valid Product ID of an eligible office 2007 product, to avail the free upgrade to the corresponding Office 2010 product.This product ID can only be obtained by installing and activating the product on the computer. The buyer may find this ID on the “About Microsoft Office Program” window after activation.
  • The buyer must also retain the 25-character Product Key for Office 2007.

How to get a free microsoft office 2010 download or upgrade?

Though the free office 2010 beta download is not available anymore, you may download microsoft office 2010 full version trial and use it free for 60 day to experience all its features.

Microsoft Office 2010 Upgrade from Office 2007

After installing and activating an eligible Office 2007 product, the buyer can redeem the free Office 2010 upgrade online. Buyers may visit www.office.com/techg to place the request for the free Office 2010 Tech Guarantee upgrade.


He may have to provide information on the purchase date, the Product ID of the qualifying Office 2007 product and all other information related to the purchase.The buyer must have a Windows Live ID to download the Office 2010 product or order a DVD.If he doesn’t have one, he must create an account and it is free.

After entering all the relevant information into the above mentioned Microsoft online system, these are validated by the servers to ascertain the eligibility for the free upgrade and the appropriate Office 2010 product.

After the online system confirms the eligibility, the buyer may either choose to download Office 2010 free or purchase a DVD for a fee. If he buys a DVD, it will be delivered in 4-6 weeks.

It is however important to remember that the request for the free Office 2010 upgrade must be made on or before October 31, 2010.

What products qualify for free microsoft office 2010 download or upgrade?

The following products qualify for the free microsoft office 2010 download or upgrade.

  • Office Ultimate 2007 => Office Professional 2010
  • Office Professional 2007 => Office Professional 2010
  • Office Small Business 2007 => Office Professional 2010
  • Office Standard 2007 => Office Home and Business 2010
  • Office Home and Student 2007 => Office Home and Student 2010
  • Office Basic 2007 => Office Home and Business 2010
  • Word 2007 => Word 2010
  • Excel 2007 => Excel 2010
  • PowerPoint 2007 => PowerPoint 2010
  • OneNote 2007 => OneNote 2010
  • Access 2007 => Access 2010
  • Outlook 2007 => Outlook 2010
  • Outlook with Business Contact Manager 2007 => Outlook 2010
  • Project Standard 2007 => Project Standard 2010
  • Project Professional 2007 => Project Professional 2010
  • Publisher 2007 => Publisher 2010
  • Visio Standard 2007 => Visio Standard 2010
  • Visio Professional 2007 => Visio Professional 2010
  • Office Ultimate 2007 Academic => Office Professional Academic 2010
  • Office Professional 2007 Academic => Office Professional Academic 2010
  • Office Standard 2007 Academic => Office Professional Academic 2010

What are the eligibility requirements for free microsoft office 2010 download or upgrade?

You can check to see whether you satisfy the eligibility requirements, for getting a free office 2010 download or upgrade.Head on to microsoft.com/office to get the free 60 day trial.

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Download Microsoft Office 2013 Mac

Microsoft Office Suite is the most used and the most popular word processing application developed so far. You might have seen the application running early since the existence of Windows 98 and can see now too on Windows 8.1. Outlining the usage of office suite is quite easy as it contains most of the application named after their utility, for instance Microsoft Word is a word processor, PowerPoint deals with Presentations and Excel deals with sheets and such stuffs. Microsoft Office 2010 popularly known as Microsoft office 10 was released in April, 2010. The suite is a predecessor to 2013 versions and successor to 2007 version. This version of the application is mainly known for its extended user interface and some advanced scripting functions. Besides this there are many other aspects that this edition of Microsoft Office offered to its users.

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Predefined Features:

Microsoft excel software, free download 2010

Microsoft office acts as a complete package for professional documentation works. From the very initial releases it had came up with the most innovative packages. Standard package of the Microsoft office includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher. These products have equal importance in the field for which they are made. The most comprehensive and the most used remains to be Microsoft Word. With the advancement in technologies, some new products were added to the package including Microsoft One Note, Microsoft Picture Viewer and some other too.


Microsoft Excel 2010 For Mac free. download full Version

Top Newly Added Features:

  • File Tab: MS Office features a whole new file tab where you can have a custom preview of all the common tasks. The new file tab is way more superior that the previous one and looks stunningly glamorous.
  • Paste Preview: In previous edition of the application you were allowed to export the content from somewhere else, specifically from the internet. The same feature is followed here, although with one more added functionality of paste preview. Here you can see how the pasted text will look like before applying the formatting.
  • Image Editing: You can now even edit images you have exported to any of the products packaged within Microsoft Office 2010. This would eventually save much of time as you before you might have to edit them all manually for even a slightest change.
  • Embedding Videos: This particular feature is exclusively made for PowerPoint. Now, you can export video files to your presentation same as you might have done with your images; although, these cannot be edited further.
  • Send as PDF: Well, this was available in word 2007 too, although you need to have a plug-in installed. This time the plug-in had been interface within the main source code thus allowing you to email files as PDF.
  • Broadcasting Presentations: You can now easily broadcast your presentations anywhere with just click of the specific console. This is one of the best features that had been improvised in the 2010 Microsoft Office.

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Minimum Requirement for Microsoft Office 2010:

  1. Any AMD architecture processor with at least 500 MHZ of clocking speed. Although, for superior performance considered using dual core CPU.
  2. 256 MB RAM is minimal requirement, for 64 Bit OS use at least 512 MB.
  3. 3 GB hard drive space.
  4. Internal GPU will work absolutely fine with even 128 MB graphics memory.
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