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Download pinterest for laptop for free. Communication downloads - Pinterest by Pokki and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Jul 11, 2018 - Change of technology has now made it possible to develop video content in the comfort of your seat. Once you have your digital devices most of your videos.

Remember those incredibly elaborate instructions I wrote a couple of years back on how to add a Pinterest “Pin It” button to your iPhone or iPad? Well, go ahead and toss ’em.

Just flip the switch next to Pinterest to add a “Pin It” button to the iOS “Share” window.

Pinterest button for pc

Thanks to the new iOS 8 update (which you’re not going to install until next week, right?), you can easily pin anything cool on the web to your Pinterest boards directly from the mobile Safari browser, all without having to paste arcane snippets of code into your Safari bookmarks.

The trick: fiddling with the settings for the revamped Share button, which now lets you add a variety of third-party sharing services, ranging from Instapaper and Pocket to Evernote and—you guessed it—Pinterest.

Here’s what you do…

  • First, make sure you have the Pinterest iOS app installed and that you’re logged in to your account.
  • All set? Now open Safari, then tap the Share button. On an iPhone, it’s at the bottom of the screen (it’s the square one with the arrow pointing up); on an iPad, it’s in the top corner.
  • The Share window will now slide into view, and just below the Airdrop icon you’ll see a row of buttons, starting with Message, Mail, Twitter and Facebook. Slide that row of buttons from right to left, then tap the More button.
  • Once you’ve flipped the right switch in the Activities window, Pinterest will appear right next to the other Share buttons.

    You’ll see a list of apps that you can add to the Share window, including Pinterest. Go ahead and flip its switch on, then tap Done. You should now see the Pinterest button right next to the other main sharing buttons.

Now, find something neat on the web that you want to Pin, tap the Share button, then tap the Pinterest buttons, and presto! A Pin It window will appear. Compose your pin, tap “Pin It,” and you’re done.

Bonus tip

You can rearrange the buttons in the Share window by tapping the More button, then dragging the little handles next to the available Share services.

Stand by for more iOS 8 tips in the coming days. Have questions? Let me know!

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How to Download Videos, Images and Gif’s From Pinterest?

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I would like to tell you that Pintrest is a social networking site like facebook goggle + twitter instagram and there is a lot of social media. But one thing is to share photos and content videos just to share photos in print. Anyone can share their experience content in the pintrest, this is a kind where we all get to one place only, which I like will get information about the same thing. And in the last few years many new and necessary information has also been added to it, such as video and masseging.


But we are going to talk here about how to download pinterest videos and images, friends, I will tell you step to step how you can download pinterest videos. You will be told that you can watch Pinterest Videos. How can you download in mp4, 720 format.

How to Download Pinterest Videos, Images and Gif’s form Mobile, Desktop, Computer, Tablet and Android?

  • First of all, you go to pinterest website and search videos in search box.
  • After that, pinterest’s videos list will show. Open any video you want to download, then copy its browser link.
  • After copying the browser link, you paste it into the search box of the downloader. Then click the download button. Then you will get the link to download to download the video.

How to Download Pinterest Video Step by Step With Mobile?

Pinterest Button For Mac

ForPinterest button for macDownload Pinterest Button For Mac

Download Pinterest Button For Safari

Step:2. Paste The Links

Download Pinterest Button For Safari

Benefits of Using Pinterest Video Downloader Online

  • You only need Pinterest Video URL link.
  • Get videos in High Quality Videos(1080p, 720p) if available.
  • No 3rd Party Apps needed for download pinterest videos.
  • Download videos, Images and Gif’s. from Pinterest
  • All Browsers supported [ Chrome – Safai – Opera – Mozilla firefox – etc ].
  • All Mobile Platforms supported.

Best Tool For Convert Pinterest to MP4?

In a very easy way you can convert pinterest video to mp4 file. Just you have to copy and paste the pinterest video link in the search box. Then click on the download button after that. Now you have to mp4 A link to download will be obtained to convert to.Instead of left clicking use the Right Click -> Save as… and choose the location you’d like to save the video to.

Extra Download Support Like Pinterest Gif Downloader & Pinterest Image Downloader

Pinterest Button For Pc

So far you know how you can download the video with the help of mobile phone, computer and laptop. Now I will tell you with the help of this downloader that you can download pinterest gif and pinterest image along with the video. With the help of this tool, you can also download pinterest’s bhakti image, cricket image, funny image, fight image and pinterest’s bhakti gif, funny gif.

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