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This release of the SAS Download Manager can be used to download SAS Software orders for SAS 9.2, SAS 9.3, SAS 9.4, JMP software, and other SAS downloadable software. It is very important that you locate your original Software Order E-mail or contact your SAS Installation Representative at your site for the correct order and SAS Installation. Download SAS JMP Statistical Discovery Pro 14 for Mac full version program setup free. JMP Pro 14.3 macOS is the data analysis software that helps scientists, engineers and other data explorers with powerful tools for more sophisticated data analysis. Downloading the SAS Studio vApp. The next step involves downloading the SAS University Edition vApp, which will later be loaded into the Virtual Machine to create a local instance of the SAS Studio. However, to download the file, a SAS profile is needed. So, quick signup into the website will allow you to continue with the download.


Welcome to the SAS for the Macintosh Resource Page.

SAS is a large and powerful program for managing and analyzing data; the Mac is a computer that does an amazing amount of stuff. This page is about the intersection of the two.

The goal of this page is to provide information and resources to support users of SAS on the Macintosh. I used SAS on the Mac regularly from mid-1997 until August 1999; I am now working as an application developerin SAS under Windows. I still use both SAS and the Mac OS, it's just that I rarely use them together anymore.

To contact me, email [email protected] me know if you have any suggestions for additions or changes, some breaking news, or some information you think other Mac SAS users might benefit from seeing.


Minor Update to Mac OS SAS

As part of their Y2K fix rollout, SAS released a minor bug-fix update to SAS for Mac OS. This release identifies itself as 6.12 TS051; SAS has a Fix list on their website. The Mac OS FAQ on their site says that themost recent release is TS070, but as far as I can tell this is incorrect and TS051 is as recent as it gets.

Future of SAS under Mac OS

The most frequent question I get from visitors to this page is about thefuture of SAS under Mac OS. SAS for Mac OS is still only available inversion 6.12, although on most other platforms the current release of SASis version 8.2. SAS has stated that there will be no Mac OS release ofVersion 8, however they have not yet added the Mac to their official listof platforms for which no future development is being done.

As for Mac OS X, SAS 6.12 for Mac OS is not a Carbon-compliantapplication. According to SAS,V6.12 will run under the “Classic” environment of Mac OS X. There are nocurrent plans to issue a newer version of SAS for Mac OS.

It is possible that there will someday be another version of SAS underMac OS. Mac OS has not been added to the official list ofplatforms for which there is no longer any development taking place. Sincethere was once a release of SAS for the NeXT platform, some of the basicgroundwork for a Mac OS X port may already be in place. In addition, SAShas a strong record of supporting and developing for Unix systems and hasrecently released SAS for Linux. So while they are not releasing Mac OSversions now, SAS has by no means become a Windows-only vendor.

I am disappointed, but I cannot fault SAS for this decision. They madethe effort to produce a Mac OS version in the first place, and the decisionto stop making new releases was a financial one based on a relative lack ofrevenue from Mac OS licenses. This is in part a reflection of the scarcityof Mac OS in the business world; while Mac users in higher education tookadvantage of SAS, there was very little corporate use of the product. Since the vast majority of SAS revenue comes from corporate licensing, itwas not financially reasonable for them to continue with the Mac OSversion. I sincerely hope that over the next few years the market willshift so that SAS decides a Mac OS release will be profitable; if thathappens, I feel comfortable that SAS will choose to take advantage of thepotential revenue stream.

Version 8 Under Virtual PC

One alternative that still exists, especially if you mostly use SASoccasionally, is to run the Windows version of SAS using an emulator suchas Virtual PCfrom Connectix. I did this for a while (in 1998 and 1999) with Virtual PCversion 2 and SAS Version 7 on a Power Mac G3/233 desktop. Performance wasnot quite good enough to work comfortably with SAS for any length of time,but SAS programs executed reasonably well and I was able to use theemulation well enough to create screen shots for the documentation I waswriting at the time.

Both Virtual PC and Apple hardware have increased in speed since that time, while as far as I know SAS has not gotten significantly slower. Thus, it may well be that Virtual PC 4 on G4 hardware provides a good enough user experience to use that as a means of running the current version of SAS under Mac OS. Anyone who has tried the Virtual PC/ SAS combination on a newer Mac is invited to let me know how well it works; I will try to post any results or comments that I get to help you know if this would be an acceptable choice for your situation.

SAS AppleScripts Available Here!

Here are two script packages to make SAS on the Mac easier to run. Click on the icon (or select the substitute link in non-graphical browsers) to download the package described. In some browsers, you may want to option-click to download the files. (These script packages should work properly with SAS 6.12 and with SAS 6.10.)

TheDrop SAS script (49K) allows you to run a SAS program in 'batch mode' bydropping the program file onto the script icon. The current version is1.0.1, which is simply version 1.0 with improved documentation.

William Lisowski generously updated the BBEdit SAS ScriptPackage (176K) to work with BBEdit 6.0, which has a newscripting interface which caused the BBEdit 4.0 scripts to fail.

The BBEdit SAS Script Package (74K) allows you to use BBEdit 4.0 from Bare Bones Software as a front endfrom SAS. The main script lets you submit a SAS job and view the outputfrom within BBEdit. Other scripts let you use standard Mac dialog boxes toselect files or folders and then automatically insert the full directorypath into your program.

Each script package is a binhexed self-expanding Stuffit archive (i.e.,a .sea.hqx file).

Some Reports

I've written some brief reports on some topics of interest or utility to SAS users on the Macintosh.

Additional Notes

PROC MIXED Performance Notes

The performance notes formerly in this space have been removed, and the project to set up a benchmarking process for Mac SAS to see what affects performance has been put on a back burner. It turns out that the vastly different time requirements for PROC MIXED on two machines were due to a slight variation in the PROC MIXED code rather than to machine configurations. This variation did not affect the estimates produced by SAS, but did increase run time up to twentyfold.

The difference involves the form of the RANDOM statement. The“fast” version usedand the “slow” version usedwhere x1 and x2 are class variables. These are the same model; theyproduce the same estimates. However, the difference in computation time issignificant. Somewhat confusingly, SAS documentation suggests that thesecond method can actually be faster!

It turns out that the key is the number of levels of the class variable. In my test data, x1 had five levels (x2 had about 45 levels, and there were about 2000 observations). It turns out that factoring out x1 (as shown in the second example) is faster only if x1 has a relatively large number of levels. If x1 has a small number of levels, factoring out x1 can, as I saw, greatly increase the execution time.

This is not Mac specific (similar increases show up under Solaris), but it's worth knowing if you use PROC MIXED.

Some Links

Here are some links to parts of the SAS web site of particular interestto Mac users:

  • The main page for SAS TechnicalSupport.
  • AdministratorDocumentation for the Mac.
  • The GeneralMac FAQ list.
  • The Mac FileTransport FAQ list.
  • The Mac FTP DownloadArea, including the SAS Tools application and a couple of bugfixes.
  • The Mac Usage NotesDownload Area, with Mac usage notes in export file format.


Let me know what you think of this site via email ([email protected]).


Download free sas software

In maintaining these pages, I do not work for or speak on behalf of SAS.

SAS and the SAS System are trademarks of SAS. Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer. Other brand and productnames used herein are trademarks of their respective companies.

This page was developed on Macintosh, using Alpha 6.5and Color It! 3.2.

Page last updated 7/21/1.

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Sas Download

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