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Free downloads & security. Outlook Express for Mac 2011. You can download the trial and decide then if you want to subscribe to Office 365 for $100/year. Office 365 consumer subscribers can get the new Outlook for Mac by going to their My Account page. For people who already have Office for Mac 2011 and Outlook for Mac 2011 installed on their Mac, check out this help article for guidance.

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An add-in enhances or works with Office 2011 for Mac software in some way. Add-ins are sometimes called plug-ins or add-ons. Here are three examples of excellent commercial-quality add-ins that work with Mac Office:

  • EndNote (www.endnote.com): A high-end bibliography product for Microsoft Word.

  • MathType (www.dessci.com/en/products/MathType_Mac): The full version of Equation Editor that’s included in Office. It lets you put mathematical symbols in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • TurningPoint (www.turningtechnologies.com): Use clickers to capture audience responses in real time and present the results on PowerPoint slides. This software is used in classrooms, quiz shows, marketing studies, and more.

Many add-ins made for Office for Windows can work on your Mac, so be sure to check their system requirements. Almost all add-ins can be made Mac-compatible with a little effort, but you may have to request the developer of a nonfunctioning add-in to make that extra effort.

You can put add-ins anywhere in Finder. If you want to make an add-in available to all Mac OS X user accounts on a computer, put them into Applications:Microsoft Office 14:Office:Add-Ins. The Documents folder is a good place to put add-ins to be used by a particular OS X user account.

A few commercially produced add-ins are installed using the Mac OS X installer program. Because making an installer is an art of its own and takes extra time and effort on the add-in developer’s part, you install most add-ins manually using the Add-Ins dialog in Office.

A Word add-in is a template file that contains VBA (Visual Basic Editor) code. You can add such a template to the Templates and Add-Ins dialog. In PowerPoint and Excel, an add-in has a special file extension and is not necessarily a template.

Add-In Extensions
ApplicationNew Add-In File ExtensionOld Add-In File Extension
Excel macro enabled template.xltm.xlt
PowerPoint macro enabled template.potm.pot

To open the Add-Ins dialog, here’s what you do:

Outlook For Mac Free Download

  • Word: Choose Tools→Templates and Add-Ins.

  • Excel and PowerPoint: Choose Tools→Add-Ins.

  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: Click the Developer tab on the Ribbon and then click Add-Ins→Add-Ins.

Microsoft outlook for mac

When you have the Add-Ins dialog open, you can do the following simple tasks to add, remove, load, and unload add-ins:

  • Load: Same as selecting the check box next to the add-in’s name. Loading also runs the add-in. (Available only in Excel and PowerPoint.)

  • Unload: Same as deselecting an add-in’s check box. Unloading disables the add-in. (Available only in Excel and PowerPoint.)

  • Add: Click to open the Choose a File browser, where you can browse to an add-in template in Finder and add your add-in to the list.

  • Remove: Click to remove the selected add-in from the list.

Outlook 2011 For Mac Download

In Word, when you select an add-in’s check box or click the Add button, you load the template, thereby making the VBA routines that it has available globally within all open documents in Word. A loaded template is called a global template. Revisit the Templates and Add-Ins dialog to re-load your template(s). To disable an add-in, deselect its check box or click the Remove button.

Microsoft Outlook 2011 Free Download

Excel and PowerPoint add-ins are also loaded and unloaded using check boxes. When you close Excel or PowerPoint, add-ins that were loaded at closing reload themselves when you reopen the application.

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