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  • Free Elite Keylogger for Mac: Free Elite Keylogger for Mac easily records everything a Mac user types on the monitored computer. Easily capture what they are emailing about, discussing on chats.

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Elite Keylogger 1.8.501 for Mac is available as a free download on our application library. The software lies within Productivity Tools, more precisely General. You can set up Elite Keylogger on Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Spyrix Keylogger is a free keylogging software that allows recording and monitoring every single keystroke. This freeware can also capture screenshots of the active programs at specified intervals, letting you monitor all the activities going on your PC.

Keyloggers and Law

Keyloggers are completely legal. If you have admin privileges on a personal computer, you may install any software including Keyloggers. That’s why it’s for you to decide – to install a Keylogger or not. If you have a computer or have admin rights from PC owner, it’s totally legal and not prohibited.

Keyloggers and Parental Control

Using Keyloggers and other monitoring software is unethical in most situations. However, according to NNEDV Safety Net Project, children or teenagers living with you don’t possess right of privacy on a personal computer. Parents who worry about their children’s’ activity on the internet may legally monitor the PC. Keyloggers will allow you receiving all necessary information without being detected.


Keyloggers and Employees control

Nowadays many employers use special software to control their staff. Sometimes they inform their staff about it but most often they don’t. Nevertheless, such monitoring is totally legal. In the US there are constant debates about privacy on the job with numerous displeased workers.

However, courts usually agree with the employer. Manager is the owner of the computers that are being monitored and thus, he has every right to install any software including hidden ones. The workers should understand the significance of such measures and be aware of it to feel more comfortable on their working place.

Keyloggers are considered as bad software for the most part. People usually think that others would use it to invade their privacy and whatnot. However, it can be used for the right reasons and for a good cause. They’re not just for hackers, they’re also for individuals who would like to keep track of their computer’s activities.

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Free Keylogger Software Download

Keyboard Logger Software were developed for the very reason of monitoring the keystrokes that a user taps when they’re in front of the computer. Let’s talk more about this software and learn some of its helpful features.

Refog Free Keylogger

Spyrix Personal Monitor

Free Keylogger 3.9

Keylogger Free

HeavenWard’s FreeKey Keylogger

Kakasoft Free Keylogger

A keylogger lets you monitor key presses while being hidden. It records the time and the key pressed on a specific location inside your hard drive. They’re also known as Keystroke Logger Software, which can be used by parents to monitor their kids’ computer activities. Before we proceed with its features, we advise to use this kind of software responsibly. Here are some of the useful features it has:

  • Covert Specialist
    Knowing that their keystrokes are being monitored would be very difficult if they can’t even see the software. Even if you open the registry or go the hard drive, this type of computer program would remain hidden. Only you would know about its existence, while people unknowingly tap away.
  • Let’s Take a Snap
    A keylogger doesn’t just monitor keystrokes, it’s quite multi-talented and can actually capture some screenshots. Whatever was open in the monitor screen can be recorded, so you’d be able to view what the user is up to.
  • Strong Defense
    In the rare event that someone stumbles upon the software, it would still be impossible for them to use it. The computer program is designed to have a password to hinder anyone’s attempt to access it. But you shouldn’t really worry about that because this software is mainly invisible, so no one would even notice it.
  • Remote Monitoring
    You don’t need to actually use the computer with the keylogger in order for you to check the keystrokes. You can simply check the recorded keys using your mobile devices, from a different computer, LAN, FTP, or Dropbox.
  • Maximum Keystroke Logging
    Logging the keystrokes is one thing, but there are also different things this type of software can record. It can actually record conversations, text, and passwords. Not that you actually need to go this far, but if it’s necessary, then just make sure you won’t be breaking any laws.

All in One Keylogger


Actual Keylogger for Windows

Elite Keylogger for Mac

Hoverwatch Free Android Keylogger

Revealer Keylogger Free 2.1 – Most Popular Software

Using a Keystroke Logger Software is quite dangerous. There are laws against it, and before you install this computer program, make sure that you’d still be in compliance with the law. If you get arrested, monitoring your computer’s activity would be meaningless.

With that being said, you now have the power to monitor the activities of any user on your computer. You’d be able to capture a shot of what they’re looking at, the people they’re talking to, and their different passwords. You’d have the ability to have total monitoring of your system.

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