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Max Payne 3 for MacBook DOWNLOAD. This game is available to download as.dmg right now. Once.dmg file is downloaded, just open it and extract the game in applications folder. More Game Details: Max Payne 3 allows you to use melee attacks, firearms and different explosives to fight enemies. In action sequences, bullet time. Max Payne 3 Improved Face - HAIRY EDITION by LuanJaguar93 / NEVER BALD MAX Feb 11 2019 Released Jan 19, 2019 Third Person Shooter Max Payne 3 Improved Face Mod - HAIRY EDITION by LuanJaguar93 If you hate bald Max Payne and want him to be always with hair, then this mod is for you. Max Payne 3 Multiplayer incorporates the gritty storytelling and intense gunplay the Max Payne games are famous for into an epic online experience. Featuring modes like Gang Wars, where events from the single-player game are used as narrative starting points for the matches and the outcome of each fight drives the dynamically shifting storyline.

Download game max payne 3Max Payne 3 For Mac Download

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Max Payne 3 has been developed and published by Rockstar Studios and this fact tells a lot… The producers of this game have a reputation for almost only “Game of the Year” winners, and Max Payne 3 Mac OS X is one of these games. At its release it had an outstanding succes, selling more than 3 million copies in the first week. This is the first title in the series after the 2003’s game, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, which was also a succces at that time.

Max Payne 3 Mac OS X is a third person action game, set 9 years after the events from the previous title. You enter again in the skin of Max Payne, which is now hired as a security agent in Brazil. The game will quickly get you into the action as Max enter in many conflict to protect his boss. A new feature is the cover system, which allows you to take better control of the character and gain strategic positions. The auto-aim also helps a lot from cover. You can attack with weapons, melee and explosives, and if your life gets low you can use painkillers to refill a certain part.

Max Payne 3 Mac OS X also features a multiplayer mode which supports up to 16 players. Maps and modes are changing from a match to another, making the game more addictive. You can gather up with your friends and form a crew in the Rockstar Games Social Club. Play with your crew and earn experience and climb the leaderboard.

Max Payne 3 Mac OS X
Minimum System Requirements

CPU:Intel Dual Core Xeon / Core i Series 2.4 GHZ or greater
CPU Speed:2.4 GHz

Max Payne 2 Pc Download

OS:Mac OS X 10.7
Video Card:NVIDIA® 8800GT 512MB VRAM / AMD Radeon HD 4870 512 VRAM
HDD Space:30 GB

Max Payne 3 Download Full

NOTE: This game is FREE TO DOWNLOAD, but in order to get acces to this game you need to create a FREE account (more details on the download page). By this way you can download all the DLC packs for this game and a lot more games and softwares for your Macintosh.
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