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If you're using a Mac computer, you could turn to Leawo Music Recorder for Mac, which could do exactly the same thing as that of the Windows version, and be compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and later. The Mac version supports one more audio format - W4A. The keys to download and install qq international on PC or Mac successfully are finding the website address and knowing Chinese. As I said, you can’t find the qq international PC or Mac version on the qq international official website. QQ for Mac (Mac), free and safe download. QQ for Mac latest version: Complete IM client with cute design and great features.

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  2. Qq Music Download For Mac

Culture chock: iTunes or QQ music?

  • Safari should be set to save downloads to a folder someplace on your drive. Most of the time that would be the Downloads folder under your User Name folder. But it can be changed to any folder you like in the safari proferences. You might have to Right Click on the MP3 and select Save AS or Save Music file AS. Not sure as I don't often use Safari.
  • Download QQ International 6.6.9 for Mac from FileHorse. 100% Safe and Secure QQ International is a global instant messenger service for Mac.

When I first came to Canada in 2010, it is hard for me to accept the change: music needs pays!

There is a big different on music app in China and Canada. QQ music is the largest music sharing and playing website under Tencent company, which allows people listening and downloading original edition music for free. QQ music is a computer/smart phone app, which is also a VIP based music website. Non-members only can download normal-quality music, and the high-quality music is only for the membership (which cost 120rmb($20CAD) per year).

The truth is, most people will not pay for the membership, and they will choice download normal-quality music for free. For me, I am Tencent’s VIP membership, and I can download high-quality music for years just with a simple click. Since I start using MAC computer. It is a big change for me to use iTunes, because it is NOT FREE! Even listen online. The top rules on iTunes terms and agreement is “you agree that you will pay for all products…” which is totally different with QQ music.

Things are start change

North American apple store did not support QQ music app on all of the apple products. In the early 2011, Baidu was been punished for illegal music downloads. Baidu is China’s leading/top search engine, and it’s search engine indexing is in a dispute its Baidu library product with a group of authors who accused Baidu reproduced their works without permission. Baidu took down all the infringing material, which including a large numbers music downloading rights. United States call Baidu music as being a “notorious market”, and should must stop the American singer’s entire album downloading.

Qq Music Download For Mac

China’s new copyright law will come out soon which will have less freedom to provide illegal downloading, that means QQ music have to stop providing free downloading service. The supreme people’s court tightening up the control of copyright on the Internet and stipulating that any website providing links to illegal downloading websites could be sued.

Qq Music Download English Version For Mac

Pirates are unstoppable

The recent research found that pirates might never be uncontrolled. Internet own large numbers of files, and files sharing technology is impossible to shut down. File sharing itself is a loophole, which makes piracy hard to control.

USA starts monitoring customers’ download start July 1 2012. Customers who are accused of file sharing will initially get an alerts asking them to stop, and if not ISPs will restricting Internet access until the customer stops pirating. This statement comes under questions: why customers should be controlled? As mentioned above, Internet is so hard to be controlled. The major issue about this statement is hard to achieve. Just like Torrent Freak said in the article: the only way to take pirates down is to take Internet down.

Qq Music Download For Mac

The bright side is, more and more people know about copyright and start support the original edition. It is not hard to make illegal downloading under control.

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