Showbox For Mac Free Download


If you are a movie lover and want to download ShowBox for PC, you have come to the right place. ShowBox is a FREE movie app for Android and iPhone. Due to its large movie library, many users want to use this app on their PC. Now it’s easy to download ShowBox for PC. We will show you how to do it in a few easy steps. Features of ShowBox. Download and install Showbox for iPad with this easy guide it’s free to download Showbox and install on iPad, so get Showbox for Apple here today!

Showbox For Mac Free Download

Showbox is an app to stream latest movies, TV shows, and TV series. It’s totally free. As this app officially supports Android and iOS device, you will need to use a third-party app to run it on your Mac. Follow these simple steps.

Download Showbox for Mac 2019

Method 1: Using GenyMotion

  1. Install Virtual Box on your Mac.
  2. Go to https://www.genymotion.com/ and register a Genymotion account.
  3. Download the software and launch it.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Select your desired device to connect.
  6. Download Showbox APK latest version.
  7. Once the download is complete, drag and drop the file into the Virtual Device.
  8. Genymotion will then install the showbox apk file.
  9. Wait until the installation is complete.
  10. Open the app, search for your favorite movies and enjoy!

Method 2: Using ARC Welder

ARC Welder tool lets you run Android apps within Google Chrome browser.

  1. Download and install Google Chrome on your Mac.
  2. Launch it.
  3. Download the ARC Welder extension from the Google Chrome web store.
  4. Download the latest version of Showbox APK file.
  5. Open ARC Welder then click Add APK.
  6. Add and install the Showbox APK file on the ARC Welder tool.
  7. Wait until the installation is complete and enjoy!

Method 3: Using BlueStacks

  1. Download the BlueStacks software on your Mac.
  2. Launch the file and ollow the on-screen instructions to install BlueStacks.
  3. Download the latest version of Showbox APK file.
  4. Double-click on the file to open it with BlueStacks.
  5. Wait until the APK file is installed successfully then click the Showbox icon to open the app.
  6. Search for a movie to watch and have fun!

So that is how to download Showbox apk on Mac using BlueStacks, ARC Welder, and GenyMotion tool.

ShowBox is known as one of the best entertainment app which is available for almost all types of smartphone platforms available in the entire tech market. If you too are one of them who craves for an entertainment within a smartphone all the day, ShowBox is there for you. The app is built with all the awesomeness to get you the best of entertainment by watching your favourite movies and TV Shows instantly within your smartphone. This is just amazing as you need not to go anywhere to look out for your entertaining stuffs. Simply go to the app, pick up your movie and move along. ShowBox for PC Download is available and you can install this app on your Windows and Mac system easily. A complete detailed tutorial is given in the below report, take a look!


ShowBox for PC Download

There comes a time when you are need of something to get entertained with. I’m sure you are here because you already know a bit about ShowBox app. ShowBox app is available for Android Smartphones as its APK file. The app is also available for iOS devices as well. You can easily get this app installed on your respective smartphone by following the above given links. You would be very well instructed to get this app installed on your respective smartphones from the given links.

ShowBox is basically all in one app that offers all of your favourite movies and TV Shows at one single place. The app lets you stream and even download the videos in various quality as well. You can easily get your movies and other TV Shows downloaded on the go without doing anything. The app handles everything carefully and gets you the select file downloaded in your selected quality. Yes, you can even select the quality of the Movie that you want to get downloaded. You can even select the video player from the list of many to watch it online on the go. What more could you ask for?

Of course, you might have heard a lot about such apps as there are a number of such video streaming apps available in the market. However, ShowBox has its own way to get you the best of entertainment within your smartphone. It doesn’t ask you for any login or username. You can easily get used to this app once you install it on your device. The app carries decent user interface for everyone. Anyone who wants to explore movies and TV shows can easily make use of this app as it doesn’t require any special skills at all. Surprisingly, ShowBox app is available for PC as well with ShowBox for PC and you can instantly install this app on your Windows and Mac system by following the below given simple tutorial. But before to move further with the installation process, there are a lot of things which you don’t know about this amazing app. For the very same reason, you have to know a bit more about this app which is given into the following list of its features. Features of ShowBox for PC is given, the list will help you out knowing everything about this app on your PC. Let’s take a look and get more of it!

Features of ShowBox for PC

  • Simple and decent user interface made for everyone to get you all the best of entertainment within your smartphone
  • Light weight app doesn’t ask you to remove your installed apps and games
  • No need to sign up or login as the app is open for all and works without any login or sign up
  • Simple listings of all your favourite TV Shows and Movies
  • Arrange the listings according to your needs with various ways
  • Four different categories available to choose from
  • Movies category shows you all the available movies to stream out or to download
  • Shows category gets you all the available TV Shows to watch out online within the app, you can even download them all
  • My Library category shows you the things that you have done here, you can place your favourite movies and TV shows here
  • Updates category will show you all the recently made updates to this app
  • You can sort things by different needs, just click the sort by button
  • Different genres are there to pick from in order to get started with your favourite things
  • Download videos and watch them offline whenever you want to
  • User can even share the videos with their loved ones as well
  • Search option allows you to search for the Movies or TV Shows that you want to watch in your coming time
  • Separate Downloads folder is available to see the downloaded files easily on the go
  • User can watch the downloaded files easily from the Downloads options and much more

These were all the amazingly studded features available inside this world’s best video streaming app, ShowBox. The app is widely available for all types of tech devices and people are actually satisfied with it completely. Unfortunately, we do not have the app available officially as due to some issues developers have removed this app from all the available platforms. You have to go for the APKs and other ways in order to get this app installed. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything as we are here to get you the best suitable version of this app.

You are here to install ShowBox application on your Windows or Mac system. In order to do that, you are requested to follow all of the below given steps wisely on your PC. The process is simple, you just need to download a couple of files and install them up. You’ll get the ShowBox app installed on your respective PC after a few minutes. So just make up your own mind and start following the steps given below into the tutorial of ShowBox for PC. A complete detailed tutorial with all the download links and proper snapshots are given below. Hope it works for you. Here it is!

Note : There is no any official app of ShowBox available neither for Windows system nor for Mac system. You have to take the help of an Android Emulator in order to get this app installed on it. So you have to install a proper Android Emulator first and then the rest of the process to be followed. So, if you are looking to get ShowBox for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP or ShowBox for Mac, then go ahead and follow the detailed tutorial below.

ShowBox for PC Download (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / Mac)

Step 1 :

Make sure that a proper Android Emulator is installed on the PC on which we are going to Install ShowBox app. In case there is no any Android Emulator installed, kindly install one now. If you are completely blank about the Emulator, kindly follow the below given link.

Step 2 :

In order to Install Bluestacks Emulator, simply click the above given link and you will be taken to the official Bluestacks page. On the homepage, you would see a couple of options there with adorable graphics all over. Make sure to select your PC’s current OS, it could either be a Windows one or a Mac system. Kindly choose it properly.

Step 3 :

After clicking the right icon, download process will itself take place. It will take several minutes to get the installation file downloaded on your PC.

Step 4 :

Once the installation file gets downloaded, make sure to install it properly on your PC by double clicking on it. For Windows PC, you have to select the run button whereas in Mac system you just need to drag out the icon to the applications folder.

Step 5 :


You’re done with the Installation process of Bluestacks Emulator on your respective PC, Bluestacks has been installed successfully on your PC and by now you are allowed to install all types of Android apps and games available on the Play Store to make use of them on your PC.

Step 6 :

Since there is no any official version of ShowBox app available in the market, you have to install this app manually by downloading its APK file. Yes, you can download and install the APK file of ShowBox into the Bluestacks Emulator to get the same user interface just like an Android smartphone of ShowBox app.

Step 7 :

Download ShowBox APK for Android first. You can download it from the following link. Click the below link and you will be taken to a page from where you can get all the required information about ShowBox for Android along with the installation process to install the APK file ShowBox on a particular Android Smartphone.

Step 8 :

After getting the APK file downloaded on your PC, you have to place it carefully on your device. You are requested to keep this APK file on your desktop so that it can easily be fetched or can be installed on Bluestacks.

Step 9 :

Now, one thing you probably might not aware about is that Bluestacks can automatically install an APK file. Yes, you need not to do anything in order to install an APK file to Bluestacks.

Step 10 :

In order to install ShowBox app on your respective PC, you just need to double click the APK file of ShowBox application which we have downloaded recently. The APK file will look like the Bluestacks icon if Bluestacks is already installed on the PC, means it is compatible with the version and can handle the installation process well.

Step 11 :

Once you double click on it, the APK file will automatically be installed on the Emulator. It will take a few seconds to complete the process.

Step 12 :

Once the installation process gets done, you just need to launch the Emulator on your respective PC. You can launch it by clicking its icon or you can find it out from the start menu instantly.

Step 13 :

The homepage of Bluestacks will present all the previously installed apps and games including the recently installed APK file of ShowBox application. Yes, you could easily find out this app there.

Step 14 :

Simply click on to the icon of ShowBox app which would be there with an eye, the app will be launched on the Emulator’s screen. You can get the same user interface as like you are using it on your Android smartphone. The only difference is you have to use your mouse in order to make the app do works.

Free Showbox For Pc

So folks, this is how you can actually install and make use of ShowBox app on your Windows or Mac system. This is the simplest way to get this app installed on your PC to make use of it without having a proper Smartphone. Yes, you need not to have a smartphone if you want to install this app on your PC. All it requires is a proper Android Emulator and the whole process of getting a proper Android Emulator installed is given above. You have to follow the above given steps wisely to get it installed on your PC.

ShowBox is simply an amazing place where entertainment is just one step away from you. Since the app is widely popular over the globe, everyone’s looking for the legit way to get it installed on all the available tech devices and you know it better how to install it by now. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, follow each of the above given steps and get the app installed now and get entertained on the go!

Showbox Free Download For Windows

What’s your take on this? Have you ever used an Android Emulator before? Have you ever used ShowBox application before? Do share your experiences with us. You can even put your views and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have any further queries or questions to be asked, kindly let us know by putting your words as a comment into the below given comment section. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed, till then stay tuned with us and get to know more about ShowBox and its upcoming versions. And if you own a BlackBerry device, you can download ShowBox for BlackBerry from our site.

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