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Visit Click Get VIP Access Desktop In VIP Access Desktop box, click Get VIP Access Desktop Click Download for Windows Follow instructions to install Proceed to Step 2 Mac (laptop or desktop): Visit Click Get VIP Access Desktop In VIP Access Desktop box, click Get VIP Access Desktop. Download the latest VIP Access from Get VIP Access Desktop Download for Mac Save VIP Access.dmg file Go to the downloaded location then double click on VIP Access.dmg file to show content Drag (or copy and paste) VIP Access. Download VIP Access by Symantec for Android. IOS(Apple) Devices: Download VIP Access for Symantec for IOS. Windows/Mac Device. Symantec Authentication Client Uninstaller Close all browsers before running the uninstaller. For Windows: Click the appropriate link to run the uninstaller for your version of Symantec Authentication Client and your Windows architecture. Right-click the link to save it to your computer. If not sure, run both uninstallers for your Windows. How to install VIP Access on Mac OS X 10.5 or higher? How to install VIP Access on Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. Article Id: 164512.

Two-factor authentication (2FA), often referred to as two-step verification, is a security process in which the user provides two authentication factors to verify they are who they say they are. All users are required to use two-factor authentication to login into the Mount Sinai network over VPN from a remote location.
In order to use Two Factor Authentication, you must first download and install the Symantec VIP Access application to your mobile device and then register your token which will tie your token to your network account.
Key FOBs (hardware tokens) are available for pick up at the Levy Library on the 11th floor Annenberg building for users who would like a hardware-based token instead of a software-based token.

What is the “VIP Access” application?

  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices
  • Has a unique ‘Credential ID’… you will register this with your account
  • Generates ‘Security Codes’ each time you log in
  • New security codes display every 30 seconds

Symantec Vip Access Windows 10

Install the VIP Access

Hint: It’s easiest to use this application on your mobile device / smartphone… you will need it every time you log in remotely (e.g. from home, not on campus)

On your Windows, Apple, or Android Device you can go to https://vip.symantec.com/ to download the device.

Android Devices:

IOS(Apple) Devices:

Windows/Mac Device:

  1. Go to https://vip.symantec.com/
  2. Click on Download
  3. Select the appropriate download for your operating system or device (Mac or Windows)
  4. Install the software

Register your Credential ID with your Mount Sinai Network Account

Note: To register your VIP Token you MUST be on the Mount Sinai network! (you must be on campus)
If you are not on the network (for an example, you are at home) you may call the Helpdesk to register your VIP Token remotely.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the appropriate registration site:
    Hospital Accounts: https://register4vip.mountsinai.org
    School Accounts:https://register4vip.mssm.edu
  2. Login in with your AD Account (network ID) and password
    • Note if you already registered your VIP token, you will need to enter the PIN to login
    • If you do not remember the token, please contact the Helpdesk
  3. Click Register
  4. Fill in the form using the information provided by the VIP access application or Hardware Token
      • Credential Name: Credential Name: Type in a description of the token device such as: Home PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, key fob, etc…
      • Credential ID: This is the fixed 12 digit code from the security token beginning with: AVTxxxxxxxx (key fob) or VSMxxxxxxxx (software token)
      • Security Code: It is the 6 digit code from the security token that changes every 30 seconds
      • If you have any issues while registering the token, please contact the Helpdesk.
  5. Click Submit to register your token.
  6. Your Token is now linked to your network account; you may log in to the VPN using your network ID, password, and the 6-digit PIN

Download Symantec software and tools

You can download the latest version of Symantec software and tools, retrieve license keys, and activate your product here at the Broadcom Support Portal.

Note: Symantec's FileConnect and MySymantec software download portals have been decommissioned. For more information and for guidance on how to use the Broadcom Support Portal, see Symantec to Broadcom Support Systems Transition Guide and Quick Reference Sheet.

Customers with a support contract

  1. On the Broadcom Support Portal, go to the Broadcom Download Center.
  2. Log in using your myBroadcom account.
  3. In the search box, search for your product by name, or browse the list of products.
  4. Click the product you are looking for. The Product Download page opens.
  5. In the Release Column, select the version you want to download.
  6. Click Download to download immediately, or click FTP to see additional options for downloading through FTP.
    Note: You can also see additional tools and downloads by clicking the product name.
  7. Activate your software product by applying the license key within the product console. Consult your product documentation for specific instructions to apply the license file manually.

Customers without a support contract

To purchase a current version of a Symantec product, locate a Broadcom Partner.

Download Endpoint Protection client-only patches and release notes

  • Client-only patches Previous patches

If you are looking for the latest definitions, you can download this in-product, automatically through LiveUpdate, or manually download and update definitions.

Download VIP Access for Mobile or Desktop

Download the latest version of VIP Access

  1. Go to https://vip.symantec.com/.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Select the appropriate download for your operating system or device.

Additional information

  • For login assistance, please contact your organization. For example, contact XYZ Bank to obtain help logging into the XYZ Banking app.
  • For additional help, see VIP Access Help Documentation.
  • VIP Access Toolbar is no longer supported.
  • VIP Proximity has been removed from the product.
  • Support for macOS Mojave (10.14) is released. Please download directly from VIP Manager or https://vip.symantec.com. The download is temporarily attached to this article as VIPAccessSecurityCode.7z.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I cannot find my Symantec software or version

If you cannot find or otherwise download your Symantec software through the Broadcom Download Center, contact Customer Care for assistance.


My serial number does not work or is not recognized

If you receive an error after entering your serial number; contact Customer Care for assistance.

How do I download the Endpoint Protection 15 client?

Endpoint Protection 15 is a cloud-based product, but it uses the Endpoint Protection 14.x client. To download the client, see Creating and installing a Symantec Agent installation package.

To see which versions of the Endpoint Protection client are installed when using Endpoint Protection 15, see Released versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection.

I want to download a trial version of Symantec software

Symantec Vip Download Pc

To obtain trials or proof of concept demonstrations for Symantec or Broadcom software, please contact your Sales Account Manager. If you are not a current customer, contact the Broadcom Sales team. After you submit the form, a sales representative will contact you shortly.

I need more information about the product I downloaded


See Release notes, and then filter for your product to see relevant articles.

See System requirements, and then filter for your product to see relevant articles.

Can I download older versions of Symantec products?

You will receive access to the most recent version of the software at the time of purchase. If you are current on maintenance and support on the license, you will have access to upgrades to which you are entitled via your Version Upgrade serial number. Older versions than what you purchased may not be available.

Vip Access Symantec New Phone

See Broadcom's End of Life Policy for more information on the availability of previous product versions

The downloaded ZIP file fails to extract or is not complete

Register For Vip Access Symantec

If you receive an error when trying to extract the file that you downloaded, it is possible that the download process did not finish. In this case, download the file again. If the problem persists, contact Customer Care.

If the download process does not complete successfully, download the file again. If the problem persists, contact Customer Care.

How long will the download take?

Symantec Vip Access App Windows

Vip access symantec new phone

Symantec Vip Access Download

The download time depends on the size of the file, the speed of your connection, and other factors.

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